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Power Specialists

Many changes are taking place in the regional electricity sector, as a result of the revitalisation of power and utilities infrastructure combined with new investments in hydro and thermal projects. The energy lawyers we cooperate with apply their industry knowledge when advising clients on the development, financing, construction and operation of power and utilities projects.

Renewable Energy Experts 

The global power sector has been defined in recent years by the rapid growth of renewable energy. With a fully functional renewables framework in all countries in the SEE region, the sector is experiencing an increased amount of investment, particularly in wind, solar and biomass. The energy lawyers we cooperate with have advised governments in the region on the development of legislative frameworks for renewables, and have worked on a wide-range of renewable energy projects involving investment in new technologies.  

Traditional Sources of Energy

Coal, oil and natural gas generate the majority of power in SEE. As such, some of the largest projects in the region have involved the development of large scale traditional power facilities. Our team of experienced energy experts will take you through the lifecycle of your project, from planning to construction, financing and divestment. Our experts also offer ancillary advice in the areas of environmental law, tax, regulatory, employment and construction and planning law.

Our Competitive Advantage

  • Unique experience advising on regulatory reforms, legislation and the implementation of new regulatory tools

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