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Experienced Advisors on Waste Management

One of the largest and most complex challenges facing the countries of this region is to update outdated waste management infrastructure. The communal waste market is practically non-existent, posing an enormous opportunity for potential investors to get involved in this highly profitable sector at an early stage. With the greater part of state assets privatised, public-private partnerships have become the go to model for financing large profit driven projects. The lawyers we cooperate with are experienced in advising both the public and private sector on a variety of waste management related matters, including financing maters, public procurement, regulatory matters, disputes, competition law and mergers and acquisitions.

Working in a Region of Great Water Potential

Another region-specific trait of the Balkans is an abundance of natural springs, lakes and rivers. It comes as no surprise that such natural wealth has already been attracting a number of foreign investors, mostly in the case of water companies. As the process of upgrading infrastructure moves forward, hand in hand with investors' involvement, there is a feeling of great potential ahead in other areas of water management – predominantly in the utilisation of thermo-mineral springs for the purpose of renewable energy and tourism. Our team is on the cutting edge of such developments, ready to advise, guide, and help in such matters.

Environmental Law

Industrial production processes have contributed to greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, wastewater emissions, and the generation of significant amounts of hazardous and non-hazardous waste throughout Europe. Our environmental law experts work with clients to analyse the compliance of operations with environmental protection regulations. Our multidimensional expertise in dealing with environmental issues has been acquired by advising on privatisations of state and socially owned companies, restructuring existing investments, the preparation and development of Greenfield projects, the defense of clients against claims for environmental damage, multiple regulatory compliance and licensing issues, as well as through central government and local government negotiations.


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