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Impacting Innovative Growth

No industry has been more disrupted by modern technology than the media sector. The internet and subsequent onslaught of social media and user content creation has caused a revolutionary shift in business strategy, information management and innovation and has impacted acquisition growth, collaborations and the overall hierarchy of the industry. The media law expert lawyers we cooperate with have taken an active role in several of the largest media industry acquisitions that have taken place in the region and have a unique appreciation for the industry and the technology implications impacting growth, partnerships and development.

Adhering to International Standards

The protection of the public interest, access to information, freedom of the media and adherence to international standards is a growing priority of regional governments. The media law expert lawyers we cooperate with understand the commercial implications of media operations and are highly experienced in advising leading regional media companies on a wide range of services.

Our Competitive Advantage

  • Multi-jurisdictional experience advising on the largest media acquisitions in the region
  • Team of legal experts specialised in media industry issues

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