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Immediate Response in Emergency Situations

Anti-trust agencies have intensified their efforts to detect and penalise anti-competitive behaviour. That is why having the largest and most experienced team of cooperating lawyers in the region puts us in a unique position to provide rapid response to immediate challenges such as dawn raids and other urgent situations. We work closely with corporate executives and in-house legal teams to minimise the risks and protect the client's business reputation, proving time and time again, that in the moment of urgency, we can always be counted on to deliver. 

Active Prevention

Prevention is a practice we strongly emphasise in our approach to business. In the case of anti-trust activities, we work towards preventive measures by closely monitoring any apparent or subtle changes in the focus of competition enforcers, before combining our commercial and technology expertise to target and avoid potential risks for our client's organisation. We have a proven track record of success with this approach, by offering our clients the following a plethora of accompanying services: competition trainings, issuing handbooks/manuals, dawn raid simulations and compliance investigations.   

Commercial Advantage

In cooperation with local lawyers, we have assisted clients in the vast majority of landmark anti-trust cases across the region, before both agencies and courts. Thanks to our strong reputation in the region, we often work with enforcers and courts in the development and evolution of new and existing economic and antitrust concepts, in addition to the fact that our lawyers have a strong background in economics. This combination of knowledge, experience and influence, puts us in a position to maximise our clients' business goals, while at the same time giving them a significant commercial advantage compared to what our competitors are able to offer.















































































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