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Pioneers in Responding to Industry Trends

Considering the generally increasing allure of South East Europe in the eyes of global investors, it stands to reason that our commitment to excellence extends in accordance with such a trend in the field of real-estate as well. We have always been open to new and innovative real estate projects and have, with our clients, been pioneers in many innovative ventures that were firsts in this region. Our lawyers never sit on the fence, but rather always focus on offering practical legal solutions to practical commercial challenges.

Invaluable Regional Expertise

Our real-estate team has followed our clients through the most interesting years in this region, gathering the kind of extra knowledge en route that is very hard to find in legal textbooks or professional experience in other parts of the world. When combined with the fact that our team members have been educated at some of the top class institutions around Europe and abroad, it becomes clear that the kind of service we offer has an extraordinarily unique character that stands above the rest.


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