Expertise/ Real Estate Planning



Practical Know-how

We aid leading real estate developers and investors with all types of development and planning matters. We regularly advise on matters related to commercial, residential, hotel, industrial and energy and infrastructure projects. We work with our clients to properly plan structures, mitigate potential risks and increase tax efficiency and tend to have active role in project planning and project implementation.

Commercial Solutions

Our real estate team works with developers, businesses and public authorities to find practical and commercial solutions to urban planning, construction and other relevant issues. Project structuring includes developing the most efficient methods of real estate development, tax structures, methods of financing and exit strategies.

Pre-Investment Activities

Having acted on some of the largest and most interesting real estate investments in the region, our team has pioneered many innovative ventures, offering practical legal solutions to hands-on commercial challenges. The team is skilled at navigating legislative peculiarities to offer clients clarification and insight into this complex sector.

We work closely with our clients at the pre-investment stage in identifying locations for potential real estate development and conducting legal due diligence to reveal registered titles and encumbrances to a property, urban planning and zoning status of a location, as well as expected development fees.

Real Estate Taxation

Our tax team works alongside colleagues in the real estate department in order to advise clients on all tax issues relating to real estate projects and on all of the efficient tax options that are available. Our real estate tax experts will make the most complex taxation issue commercially understandable.


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