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Hot-bed for Investments

Considering the number of state-owned companies listed for sale, untapped natural resources, skilled labourers and overall business generating opportunities, it is hard to find a more investor-friendly region in Europe today. In addition, both EU and non-EU member states occupying this region and their respective governments have recently been striving to introduce the most alluring sets of regulations available to them, for the purpose of facilitating foreign investments as much as possible. We are here to study, dissect, and most suitably employ these regulations for the benefit of our clients.

Tax & Incentives

We offer a full range of taxation services from tax planning and tax compliance to tax litigation, by providing continuous support to our clients in optimising tax costs in both the domestic and cross-border context. We regularly advise clients on the utilisation of tax incentives available under national tax laws, including reviewing business operations to assess tax compliance and identify a client’s tax risk.
We have also developed deep expertise in advising clients in optimising incentives available to foreign investors both in the area of tax and in the area of direct subsidies. As a foreign investor, we can guide you to your best options for using available incentives including the areas of corporate profit tax, payroll taxes, customs, VAT and Free Zones. We can help both in planning and optimising available incentives as well as with compliance in various substantive and administrative requirements attached to their utilisation.


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