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Dispute Resolution

“An excellent litigation practice."

Chambers Europe, 2018

Regional dispute team

The Karanovic & Partners dispute resolution team, consisting of lawyers qualified in each relevant jurisdiction, is recognised as a leading dispute practice in the Balkan region. With regularly advise on investment and commercial disputes, as well as corporate risk management and conflict management.

And with corresponding offices in all of the countries of the former Yugoslavia, we possess the capacities and knowledge of local regulatory, political, cultural and economic circumstances to bring any issue to a satisfactory conclusion. We are proud of our extensive experience in international arbitration, both commercial arbitration and investor-state cases.

Ethical approach

Our team provides a blend of legal expertise, industry knowledge and practical know-how to properly address any issue and provide advice on a wide range of matters. And with our client-centric approach and negotiating skills, we make sure that the client’s reputation never suffers through the process.

We view bringing a dispute to court as a last resort. It is our firm-held belief that an amicable solution is always the preferred option. Our team of litigation lawyers upholds the highest ethical standards, having the client’s integrity in mind at all times.

  • International and domestic commercial litigation

    With expanding international businesses, frequently changing regulatory requirements, as well as increasing corporate scrutiny, commercial disputes are a challenge to surmount for many business. We represent clients in all stages of domestic and international litigation, in established as well as emerging markets.

  • International arbitration

    When facing international arbitration, whether it is a commercial case or an investment treaty dispute, companies and governments alike need the help of adroit counsel. Our arbitration team has an excellent track record in ICSID, ICC and UNCITRAL arbitration cases, as well as in representing clients in various arbitral institutions in the region.

  • Mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution

    Businesses are finding non-judicial methods of resolution including increasingly attractive because they are more cost-effective, less time-consuming and less adversarial than traditional litigation. Our litigators are experienced in representing parties in arbitrations, mediations and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

  • Bankruptcy and reorganisation proceedings and related litigation

    We provide comprehensive services in all aspects of restructuring and insolvency proceedings. Our clients include banks, creditors’ committees, indenture trustees, examiners, manufacturers, licensors, developers and other businesses, partnerships, individuals, and foreign and domestic government agencies. We offer assistance in bankruptcy matters, bankruptcy-related litigation, out-of-court workouts, and many other special situations.

  • Recognition of foreign judgements and arbitral awards

    We regularly assist clients to achieve recognition for foreign judgements and arbitral awards in the jurisdictions that we operate in.

  • Debt collection

    Our cooperating lawyers are experienced in handling debts on behalf of our clients. We are fully acquainted with all the implications – practical, financial or legal, that follow in the wake of bad debts.

  • Construction cases

    There are a variety of options available for resolving construction disputes. Whether you are an owner, contractor, subcontractor, supplier, designer, or consultant, we are experienced advising clients on how best to resolve issues that can arise on a project.

  • Employment disputes

    Our legal experts treat employment issues by responding quickly and implementing solutions that mitigate liability and return employees to work in a positive and productive manner.

  • Maritime related disputes

    Our cooperating attorney assist clients in resolving all aspects of maritime disputes. We are experienced handling collisions, allusions, groundings, oil spills, cargo damage, charter party disputes, insurance coverage. We help our clients understand their objective, while looking to resolve disputes as expeditiously as possible.

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