Industry Groups


Food Production and Agribusiness

Dynamic industry

The food production and agribusiness industry is of growing importance to both national and international communities. It encompasses a range of activities that contribute to the global supply of food and natural fibres, ranging from research and development to marketing strategies and retail sales.

And in order to succeed in that dynamic industry, you have to navigate a competitive and fast-changing commercial landscape – responding to technological advances, major changes in trade and policy, and a consumer-driven marketplace.

Putting expertise on the table

We assist clients in the agriculture and food processing industry with a wide variety of needs and concerning all segments of this industry sector, from processing and distribution, agrichemicals manufacturers, agricultural commodities processors, precision farming equipment manufacturers, alternative fuel producers, soft commodities traders and financial institutions.

Karanovic & Partners helps clients from food production and agribusiness industry to create new businesses and divisions, bring products to market, diversify operations, manage supply chain pressures, and navigate the ever-present issues and opportunities that industry participants frequently experience.

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