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Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Supporting healthcare development

One of the defining goals of any state government is the provision of good quality healthcare. Recent investments in the private healthcare sector and privatisation announcements across the region and the necessity to restructure state run healthcare services to better meet user needs, offer the promise of growth and the improvement of quality in both the public and private domain.

Whether you are investing, working on a restructuring project or establishing a new service, we will guide you through the system intricacies to help your investment reach its potential and move forward as smoothly as possible.

Regional focus on pharma

The pharmaceutical industry is an important economic sector and a large contributor to the regional economy. Although characteristic for being heavily regulated, it presents an attractive business opportunity for investment. The prospect of significant growth is revealed through manufacturing, research and development, export-oriented Green field investments and production contracts, made even more attractive through access to large markets via free trade agreements.

In cooperation with local lawyers, we advise clients on all commercial and regulatory aspects of pharmaceuticals and medical devices including marketing authorisations, wholesale licenses, clinical trials, pricing and reimbursement, public procurement, and adverse effects and events.

  • Consumer healthcare

  • Life sciences

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