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Industry & Manufacturing

Regional competitiveness

Shifting global economics is increasingly impacting industry and manufacturing. Countries traditionally regarded as preferred manufacturing bases have seen their cost competitiveness deteriorate, which has opened a window of advantage for the countries in our region.

South East Europe has demonstrated that it can be competitive in certain industry and manufacturing sectors, particularly in apparel and automotive parts manufacturing and global business process and technology outsourcing, and with a geographic location efficient for serving neighbouring markets like the EU and Middle East, the region has been the logical choice of several strategic investors.

Sector specific knowledge and local know-how

With constantly evolving tax regimes, shifting business and legal landscapes, as well as constant pressure on profit margins, clients require an intimate understanding of individual sectors, local know-how and an international perspective.

Our multi-disciplinary team of lawyers we cooperate with have unparalleled regional experience in advising manufacturers on establishing operations in Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Slovenia, licensing, permitting, environmental requirements and product export. Industry-specific training has given our manufacturing and industry legal experts’ strategic insight into the broader aspects.

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