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The Beauty is in the Knowing

The instinctive appreciation of beauty is a fundamental trait of the human race that the cosmetics industry has built insurmountable success on. As a continuously developing industry, innovation is a key characteristic defining the strategies of manufacturers and suppliers alike. Although much of the industry growth and strategic execution comes from larger markets, the lawyers we cooperate with work with the leading companies active in our region and have a unique niche understanding of the economic impact of this industry and the individual product offering.

Feed on our Expertise

It is beyond unnecessary to stress the importance of food for our very existence, together with the entire process that brings the food from its sources onto our plates. Regardless of the specific food industry, our team is well versed and broadly experienced for the topic at hand. Furthermore, being affiliated with the aforementioned process would not be true without being specialised in Agricultural matters as well – another closely related field that we are equipped to deal with skilfully and professionally.

Helping you Gain a Competitive Advantage

We advise clients on both contentious and non-contentious matters. Our corporate, IP and regulatory lawyers provide services across the areas of product labelling, packaging, distribution, product recall, advertising and marketing matters.


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