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Infrastructure and Transport

Industry specific infrastructure expertise

The successful development of infrastructure is heavily reliant on experiences gained on previous projects. Our team has engaged in the creation and update of key legislative initiatives and has pioneered several new financing and construction initiatives in an effort to increase transparency in this sector and promote investments.

In cooperation with lawyers qualified in each relevant jurisdiction, we have advised on a wide range of important projects in the region involving bridges, roads, airports, water treatment facilities, waste management facilities and healthcare facilities.

Overcoming transportation challenges

The transportation industry is always changing in terms of regulation, environmental concern and fuel prices – which presents challenges to our client’s business goals. We are experienced in advising on supply and procurement relationships, assisting in commercial transactions – such as the acquisition, financing and disposition of transportation businesses and equipment, private infrastructure investment and development, public-private partnerships, joint ventures and strategic alliances.

Our clients include air carriers, leasing companies, financiers, highway carriers, as well as warehouse and logistics services providers. We advise producers, manufacturers, exporters and importers of goods moving internationally – whether by air, ship, rail, truck.

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  • Transportation and logistics

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