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Private equity in South East Europe

Beyond the obvious financial benefits that private equity can bring to a business, it also contributes a high level of industry expertise, innovation and business savvy. This guidance and support combined with local know-how and joint operational and strategic objectives can strengthen the market position of a company and contribute to their overall success.

With a detailed understanding of the market in South East Europe, and professional relationships with national and international financial institutions, our team is regularly advises fund sponsors to establish funds of all types, as well as fund investors, providing advice on structuring, governance, regulatory compliance and market expectations.

Benefitting business

Private equity financing plays an increasingly important role in encouraging entrepreneurialism and fostering economic growth in the region, particularly in the IT and real estate sectors. Our extensive banking and finance experience combined with our corporate and M&A capacities, has seen our team work on some of the largest multi-jurisdictional acquisitions and buyouts in the region.

We are well placed to advise private equity funds on the legal framework for financing companies or making acquisitions in these high-growth markets.

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