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White Collar

White-collar crime – a sophisticated transgression

As a type of crime associated with large and financially powerful companies, the non-violent nature of the act itself, as well as the sophisticated means of execution, white collar crime is one of the most complex areas of litigation practice – specific feature of it being that civil, criminal and even administrative proceedings are often intertwined and conducted in parallel.

We help our clients timely detect and prevent potential violations, plan and execute efficient and thorough investigations, and quickly pinpoint key issues.

Cross-border coverage

White collar crime often involves cross-border transactions or at least has some cross-border implications and our firm’s regional presence is an additional advantage as we manage to provide comprehensive and precise legal assistance as one team across several jurisdictions.

Our tailor-made team of lawyers specializing in various areas of law possesses extensive experience in some of the largest white-collar cases in the region. We represented major local companies and international corporations, as well as their boards of directors, shareholders and managers accused of insider trading, tax evasion, securities fraud, healthcare fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, cybersecurity and environmental matters in various types of industries including healthcare, agriculture, banking and finance, IT, transportation and many more.

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