kreators - first silos murals

This is us 

finding our voice

We are a corporate law firm. It is at our core to follow our clients' bold ideas and help them realize those ideas. We have always been driven by the same desire for excellence that fuels their business vision and the same perseverance that helps them execute that vision. Over time, and especially during 2020, we also realised how important it is to be bold, to show our values and ideas for which we stand. Looking up to our clients whose business ingenuity we admire, we too found our way of expressing ourselves.

It started with the #next25 video, and #kreators are just the next step.

This time around, we have teamed up with two of the best female mural artists in Serbia to help them create the first painted silos in Europe, spreading in 150m2 in total and positioned in the up-and-coming Belgrade art district.


"Painting this mural was a challenge and a very inspiring experience for me. The theme of the mural, which is a modern interpretation of tradition and the importance of nature, is what gave me a new insight into my own work, and such an experience is invaluable. Silos are in a way a symbol of Belgrade and I am extremely glad that I was able to contribute to the creation of a new urban landscape of our city."

TKV, mural artist

"The experience of working on large, and yet unusual projects, is not only a challenge, but also an opportunity to put one's own ideas, knowledge and skills to the test. It's the only way to "grow", pushing the boundaries of what you think you know and think you can. This project was an even more specific challenge, due to the indicated trust, which meant a rare and precious space of complete freedom, and which in turn served as a source of great motivation."

Jana Danilović, mural artist

"This is a triumph for street art and proof of how engagement and support of grassroots communities can transform our living environment."

Michela Magas, Chair, Industry Commons Foundation

"Beauty will save the world" The famous line from Dostoevsky’s novel, The Idiot, attributed to the main character, Prince Myskin. I often question this statement and wonder... Can beauty really communicate through art and can it bring us a sense of meaning, comfort and joy in our every day life? When I look into this mural I believe it can, as I feel with all my heart that it represents the best of us, it represents hope. And when we choose hope, anything is possible..."

Anastasija Ćetković, GAIA movement