Economic Shock of Covid-19

A conversation with James Thornley and Boris Milošević

Heading into the fifth week of lockdown caused by Covid-19, health is still the number one priority worldwide. Health workers everywhere deserve our gratitude and our praise, as do all other workers in essential services. World economy is also standing still. Most people are in their homes, some on forced leave, some working from home, and many unemployed. It is very difficult to cope with this level of uncertainty.
To help us get a better grip on the economic aspects of this crisis, I am speaking with James Thornley and Boris Milošević. Boris and James are the founding partners of KP Advisory, a financial and business advisory firm. Before KP Advisory, they spent many years as senior partners at KPMG, and have been involved in most major M&A deals in this region. They both have a wealth of experience in business and finance.
Crises also drive change, and this one changes our relationship with technology, logistics, communication and healthcare. In the crisis of 2008, there have been many losers and few winners. This is another issue which we are exploring – we discuss potential opportunities from economic and legal perspective with a hope that listeners will gain something out of this pandemic. So, at the time when everyone is looking to understand the scope of pandemic and how to minimize the threat, I will talk with some of the best-informed voices in the business advisory segment in our region – the senior partners at KP Advisory, James Thornley and Boris Milošević.