Mentalna otpornost (resilience)

A conversation with Dragomir Kojic

(Language of the episode: Serbian)

In this episode we discuss mental resilience with our colleague – turned business coach, Dragomir Kojic. After a successful as a partner and head of our intellectual property team, Dragomir finished the Jung Institute in Zurich and became a certified therapist. He also finished the Erickson Coaching School and he now supports us in people development, business coaching, HR and internal communications.
We discuss mental resilience in times of crisis. At the time of recording of this episode, most countries in the SEE region were in a lockdown due to the outbreak of Covid 19. In between two recording sessions, a strong earthquake, in fact the strongest for the past 140 years, had shaken Zagreb. As the disease, economic uncertainty and even natural disasters dominate the news in our region, we discuss the actions we can take to help ease the stress and support our mental strength in difficult times.

Original language (Serbian) notes: razgovor za prvu epizodu podcasta vodili smo na srpskom. Naredne epizode vodićemo na engleskom i na drugim jezicima ex-YU.