Secrets of Private Equity

A conversation with Brian Wardrop

In today’s episode we have an interesting guest, and a just as interesting guest host – Marko Ketler, Senior Partner in our network, who specializes in M&A and Finance and has tons of experience in private equity. His guest is Brian Wardrop, Managing Partner at Arx Equity Partners, one of the leading private equity firms in Central Europe, and if you want to know how PE firms select deals and what they look for in transaction partners, we highly recommend that you listen to the new episode.

Are we going to travel for meetings as we used to? Or is Zoom something that is here to stay; what will happen to working from home and working from offices; can we and when can we expect the post-pandemic recession – these are only some of the topics that we are covering in this episode of k/talks. You should also get recommendations for good books on negotiation or maybe secrets and lies in the Silicon Valley, to read this summer.