Tesla Nation

A conversation with Vukašin Stojkov

This year’s edition of Startup Genome, published on June 25, brings two key results for the Serbian IT scene – the startup market of Belgrade and Novi Sad reaches a value of 502 million dollars, and Serbia ranks fifth among the analyzed countries in the number of blockchain developers. This research shows us not only how our ecosystem positions itself in comparison to other startup ecosystems in the world, but also allows us to map its key strengths and the weakest points.

The guest of the 12 episode of k/talks is Vukasin Stojkov, one of the founders and director of Startit Center. Vukasin is certainly one of the pioneers in the development of the local startup ecosystem. Startit Center was among the first organizations which educated about the IT sector, new software and digital systems, new trends, values ​​and ways of thinking. With Vukasin, I tried to get deeper into the reasons for the success of the local startup ecosystem, but also to peek into the pockets of its untapped potentials. We also touched on the Tesla Nation, a project started with the goal of choosing the best technology inventors and professionals of Serbian heritage and connecting them to partners from all around the world, inspired by the vision and ambition of Nikola Tesla.

This episode is in Serbian.