​Legal Notice​

Legal notice

Karanović & Partners is a legal practice based in Serbia (Belgrade), which cooperates, on an established or ad hoc basis, or is a member of the same association with independent attorneys and law firms admitted in Albania (Tirana), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Banjaluka and Sarajevo), Croatia (Zagreb), North Macedonia (Skopje), Montenegro (Podgorica), Serbia (Belgrade) and Slovenia (Ljubljana), all of which provide services to clients under applicable professional rules.

Belgrade: Pursuant to Serbian professional rules, Karanović & Partners is formed as a partnership of attorneys (Karanović & Partners ortačko advokatsko društvo, “Karanović & Partners o.a.d.”) established under Serbian law, with its registered office at Resavska 23, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia, corporate ID No. 20540672, registered with the Business Registers Agency of the Republic of Serbia (www.apr.gov.rs). Karanović & Partners o.a.d. does not have any branch or representative offices in or outside of Serbia. Relations between Karanović & Partners o.a.d. and independent attorneys and law firms in countries listed above is in accordance with professional rules applicable in the Republic of Serbia and other respective countries. Previous name of the practice, Karanović & Nikolić, was changed into Karanović & Partners by registration in the Business Registers Agency of the Republic of Serbia of 14 January 2019.

Karanović & Partners o.a.d. and some of the independent attorneys and law firms referred to in the first paragraph are part of Karanovic Verein, which is an association of independent law firms, established under Swiss law.

The terms “partner” and “senior partner” refer to members/partners (član/ortak) of Karanović & Partners o.a.d., or to consultants and independent attorneys with equivalent professional qualifications or standing in the respective jurisdiction in which any such person is a qualified attorney. No reference to any other position implies employment or similar relationship with Karanović & Partners o.a.d.

References on this website to Karanovic & Partners may also include, where the context so requires, Karanović & Partners o.a.d and the law offices listed above, as a team.

“Karanovic/Partners” is a trademark of Karanović & Partners.