Karanovic & Partners At The 2018 CEELM Balkan GC Summit

Digital Transformation of Legal Processes

Rastko Petaković, the managing partner at Karanović & Partners, held a presentation on the needs for a digital transformation of legal processes at the 2018 CEELM Balkan GC Summit.

The digital transformation didn’t really happen in the legal industry, because it only transformed the tools, rather than the processes“, said Mr. Petaković. “Changing the processes in accordance with the digital transformation would mean that law firms must use their know-how and practical experience in order to develop custom-made systems and solutions for process management.

Organized by CEE Legal Matters, a leading legal magazine that provides in-depth analysis and the news that shape Europe’s emerging legal markets, the Summit was held in Belgrade and gathered more than 100 in-house lawyers. This peer-to-peer conference serves as a platform for sharing best practices and staying on top of the current legislative developments critical for GCs in the Balkan region.