Karanovic & Partners at the ReCaP2019

Angel Investing in the SxSE Region

Karanovic & Partners participated in the ReCaP2019 panel “Angel Investing in the SxSE Region”, organized by Impact Hub, one of the world’s largest networks focused on building entrepreneurial communities. The ReCaP2019 took place in Belgrade, on 23-24 May, bringing together world-class venture business leaders, market and technology experts from mature ecosystems and connecting them to the growing startups from Serbia and South East Europe.

Partner* Ivan Nonkovic was one of the speakers at the “Angel Investing in the SxSE Region” panel. He reflected on state of the Serbian capital market, on the upsides of angel investing, the importance of managing the process of investing and managing the expectations of investors and startups.

The ReCaP2019 featured other famous lecturers speaking of the convergence of technologies and markets, entrepreneurial solutions for Sustainable Development, the SxSE investment fund, as well as other topics of interest.

The goal was to build know-how and understanding the markets of scale, as well as facilitating access to resources, relevant local, regional and international networks and capital. The conference was primarily aimed at the local startup ecosystem, but also at managers and business leaders, angel and VC investors and young entrepreneurs.



*Independent attorney at law in cooperation with Karanovic & Partners.