Karanović & Nikolić At The Balkan Legal Forum

The Future of Law – Technology and Legal Services in SEE

On 15 and 16 Jun, the 10th edition of the Balkan Legal Forum took place in Vienna, Austria. Karanović & Nikolić is honoured to have been an important part of this year’s agenda – Senior Partner Patricia Gannon opened the forum, while Managing Partner Rastko Petaković moderated “The Legal Needs of Different Industry Sectors” panel.

The focus of this year’s Balkan Legal Forum was the future of the legal industry and changes in the legal services in SEE.  The most significant leaders and experts from the region discussed the future of law firms in the following decade, while the central question of the conference was how to change adapt legal practices in order to keep up with changing technologies.

Technology is rapidly changing the needs of our clients from different industries. I will give you just a few most obvious examples – Fintech is rapidly reshaping the banking and insurance sector, while DER is significantly changing the business model of incumbent energy providers. The next decade will be marked by technological changes that will indubitably affect the legal needs of our key clients, so it is certain that the legal industry will have to adjust as well“, said Mr. Petaković.

The Balkan Legal Forum is one of the most significant regional conferences organised by the IBA European Regional Forum and the Legal Development Foundation, with the support of the IBA Law Firm Management Committee. Established in 2000 by the Legal Development Foundation, the Balkan Legal Forum gathered the most prominent participants from more than 30 countries over the past 2 decades.