Energy Update - Croatia

Croatian Renewables Incentives Tender – Deadline Approaching

On 12 November 2020 the Croatian Energy Market Operator (“HROTE“) published the first public tender for granting feed-in tariffs (“FIT“) and premiums (“FIP“) incentives under the newly established renewable energy sources incentive system. The deadline for bid submission expires on 12 December 2020.

Under the new legal framework, FITs are reserved only for production facilities of installed power of 50kW to 500kW. On this public tender the total quotas of production facilities for the FIT amount to 72,000 kW and include solar, hydro, biomass and biogas production facilities.

The FIPs are available only for biomass and biogas production facilities of installed power ranging from 500kW to 2MW, within the overall quotas to 8,000kW per each kind of eligible production facility (i.e. biomass and biogas).

Eligible bidders are renewables owners that hold at least a valid location permit and grid permit issued by the grid operator. Project owners which already initiated construction of the production facilities are not allowed to participate.

The bidder that offers the lowest electricity price (in relation to FIT) or the lowest premium margin (in relation to FIP), will be chosen as the winning bidder.

For the tender to be successful, at least three bids for each kind of production facility must be submitted.



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