Crowdfunding conference in Belgrade

The Impact of Alternative Finance on the Startup and MSME Ecosystem

On 11 April 2019, Karanovic & Partners participated at the CrowdTuesday: The Impact of Alternative Finance on the Startup and SME Ecosystem conference, organized by the European Crowdfunding Network AISBL (ECN) and RealMarket in Belgrade.

With attendees from the crowdfunding and blockchain industry, as well as the scientific community and regulatory milieu, the conference analysed the opportunities and challenges for crowdfunding platforms, investors, startups and MSMEs. The panellists and speakers discussed the alternative finance market and which action steps have to be taken to reach the overall goal of creating a well-functioning funding market in Serbia which would improve access to finance for MSMEs and startups.

Katarina Guduric*, Partner at Karanovic & Partners, participated in the Crowdfunding in Serbia: Legal and Regulatory Issues panel. The panellists discussed the lending crowdfunding model and its possible application through a platform in Serbia, as well as the main players and obstacles in implementation. Due to the specific needs of MSMEs and star-ups, they are unable to acquire credits from banks. Due to this, alternative methods of financing are required – with crowdfunding presenting a desirable model of connecting investors and projects.



* Independent attorney at law in cooperation with Karanovic & Partners.