Focus on Energy 6th Edition

Energy Insights 2023: The Newest “Focus on Energy” Publication

Karanović & Partners is pleased to announce that we have published the 6th edition of our Focus on Energy publication. Following the official launch during the meeting of the Energy Law Group in Zagreb on 29 September 2023, this edition is now accessible, inviting discussions with regional and European energy experts on the latest and most relevant topics in the field.

The ongoing global energy crisis, characterized by tectonic disturbances in the energy landscape, is anticipated to have long-lasting effects on the global economy, safety and public health. Escalating prices and dwindling quantities of energy resources, disruptions in the supply chain, inflation, and increased lending costs are among the challenging aspects. In response, the European Union has intensified efforts to enact regulatory reforms, expediting the progress of new renewable projects. Remarkably, this energy crisis has propelled the momentum of the green transition. Energy security has emerged as a critical prerequisite for national safety.

The crisis has underscored the high cost of abandoning the green agenda. It serves as a compelling reminder that all stakeholders must proactively engage to ensure a sustainable energy future.

This is why the focus of this edition is on green energy, sustainable developments, and initiatives around them. In addition to in-house contributions, it includes the collection of papers written by distinguished guest contributors, gathered by our Senior Partner Miloš Vučković and Partner Petar Mitrović.

Giles Dickson, CEO of WindEurope brings insights into the current challenges for the wind industry in Europe.

Enlight’s Marko Lipošćak and Neda Lazendić of WV International gave their views on the investment environment, while Svetlana Cerović of UniCredit shared insights from a banker’s perspective.

Ivan Mrvaljević and Željko Pekić of EPCG explained how Montenegro became solar “El Dorado“.

Miloš Kostić, CEO of MT-Komex, presented the company’s pioneering efforts in solarization of Serbia.

Mag. Vesna Kolar Planinšič from the Slovenian Ministry of Environment, Climate and Energy discussed the importance of considering and minimizing the negative environmental impact of renewables projects.

Ksenija Karić of Schneider Electric showed how digitalization can help address some of the acute challenges of the energy sector.

David Williams, CEO of Economic Consulting Associates explained why the cheapest energy is the one we don’t spend.

Raphael Fitz and Claire Langrée Saf from Wabio showed that there are sustainable alternatives to fossil gas.

This guide is designed to assist investors and developers in navigating market entry barriers while providing insights into the future prospects of the SEE energy markets. You can have the preview here.

For free-of-charge preorders of the electronic copy of our publication, please contact bd@karanovicpartners.com.


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