Enforcement of Trademarks Online

Faculty of Law Takes Down a Fake Profile on Instagram

How trademarks are important shows a recent online legal battle won by the leading law school in the Balkans. The Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade is the owner of a trademark registered in Serbia for the following mark. Even though this institution is publicly owned, it has a long-lasting reputation in education, conferencing, and publishing sectors on the Serbian market. It actively uses this logo for its goods and services.

Success is always followed by entities who try to imitate and get a free ride, by associating themselves with famous trademark holders and their brands. Some profiles using the logo and the name of the Faculty of Law occurred on social networks. These profiles were not created by this institution, nor were authorised by any means to use these marks. The Faculty of Law enforced its rights before Instagram, and one of the fake profiles was successfully removed.

When it comes to procedures before the social networks, registered marks enable fast track procedures, and in most cases remove the necessity of long court trials. Therefore, trademark registrations are highly advisable for all operating businesses – both in the speedy sector of consumer goods, as well as in the highly sophisticated areas such as education of future lawyers.