In-depth Analysis

ESG & Web3 – Synergy of the Next Decade?

Our Senior Partner Rastko Petaković and Miroslav Đurić, Associate at Taylor Wessing, co-authored a publication on two global trends in the last decade: one is related to the environmental, social, and corporate governance principles commonly known as ESG, and blockchain-based concepts of the World Wide Web, known as Web3.

Though these two trends haven’t converged in the past, there is a reason to believe their intersection might emerge as a megatrend, becoming an integral part of today’s culture, but from opposite perspectives. While ESG is being transferred to culture from institutions – be they the UN, global financiers, or media – Web3 is infiltrating establishments from the grassroots levels.

This paper deals with the prospect of their intersection, and how and where these two concepts might converge or diverge in the future, particularly in times of crisis.

Click here to download the publication as a pdf brochure.


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