Tax Congress in Slovenia

Exploring AI, Green Tax Incentives, and Global Tax Reform in Slovenia

Tax Advisory Chambers of the Republic of Slovenia hosted the 52nd Tax Education Days and the 14th Congress of Tax Advisors, which brought together experts from the tax and accounting profession in Laško, Slovenia, on 23 and 24 May.

The event covered a wide range of topics such as how much artificial intelligence can help accountants and tax advisers, tax treatment of Electric vehicles as a green tax incentive as well as a round table on tax reform in Slovenia.

Round table discussion dealt with the topic of Tax reform – a need, a wish or a promise? Our colleague from Ketler & Partners, member of Karanovic, Partner Igor Angelovski took part in the round table and discussed with other tax experts the upcoming tax changes in Slovenia.

One of the speakers at the congress was also our colleague from Ketler & Partners, member of Karanovic, Tax Law Expert Dr. Maruša Pozvek, who presented to the participants the very hot tax topic of the moment – Global minimum tax. Slovenia adopted the Minimum Tax Act (MTA). The MTA implements Directive (EU) 2022/2523 to ensure a global minimum level of taxation for multinational enterprise groups and large-scale domestic groups in the EU. The latter is a consequence of the OECD’s global fight against tax base erosion within the scope of Pillar II. Global minimum tax has been topic of discussion amongst policymakers and economists over the past few years. It is an important development that could reshape the world economy.

In summary, this event successfully brought together industry experts to explore critical tax topics. Highlighting Slovenia’s proactive stance, our colleagues’ contributions to global minimum tax and upcoming tax changes underscored the event’s focus on addressing current challenges and preparing for future developments in the local tax landscape.


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