Navigating the IP Landscape

Exploring Intellectual Property: Business Breakfast with SGA

On 24 October, Karanovic & Partners hosted the business breakfast, co-organized with the Serbian Games Association (SGA), dedicated to the trending topic of intellectual property (IP), its usage, and protection.

The event commenced with a presentation by our Senior Counsel Jelena Ašanin, who provided the audience with a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of IP. Subsequently, our Senior Associate Nikola Kliska captivated the audience with practical examples that shed light on the intricate world of IP.

The event’s discussions revolved around several key themes, including IP clauses in employment agreements, copyright protection terms, copyright transfer, IP in the context of employment termination, and trademark protection.

Given the presence of SGA members in the audience, the discussion was highly productive, due to their diverse perspectives and experiences. It served as a platform for professionals, entrepreneurs, and creators to deepen their knowledge of intellectual property and its critical role in the modern business landscape.

This collaborative effort between Karanovic & Partners and the SGA showcased the power of industry partnerships in facilitating discussions on relevant topics.


Senior Associate and Senior Counsel refer to independent Attorney at Law in cooperation with Karanovic & Partners.

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