Energy and Natural Resources Update: North Macedonia

Extended Deadline for Submitting Offers for Photovoltaic Plants in REK Oslomej

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the authorities of North Macedonia once again extended the deadline for the submission of bids to construct and operate two solar photovoltaic plants on top of the old coal mine in REK Oslomej (located near the town of Kichevo). The new deadline for submitting bids is 28 September 2020, 10:00 h North Macedonian time.

AD ESM – Power Plants of North Macedonia (“ESM”) launched a public tender in February 2020. The investment is envisioned as a 35-year public private partnership between ESM and the chosen investor. The investment envisages construction of two photovoltaic plants of 50 MW each, or up to 100 MW in total. The investment is estimated to approximately EUR 80 million. The investor would need to pay ESM an annual amount of 10% of sold electricity at a selling price according to the HUBEX regional stock exchange. The generation is expected to cover consumption of around 20,000 households.



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