Intellectual Property Regional Update

Give Your Brand a Boost with Balkan ccTLDs

Domain name extensions have for a long time been only that – domain name extensions. DotCom and DotNet dominated the Internet sky for years with no specific reason – inertia maybe.

Now the extensions are substantially integrated into a domain name – not just hanging at the end.

Eastern European countries have a lot to offer in that sense. Montenegrin .ME domain names are already widely used. The “ME” word is often found in many languages (keywords, abbreviations or call-to-action domains which naturally create a catchy marketing message). Have you already noticed that Facebook uses Fb.me? Time Magazine took Ti.me. Simple, catchy, ingenious!

Serbian .RS domains can also be used in many creative ways, especially if your last name is Pete.rs. Think outside of the box and register miniba.rs, footwea.rs or usedca.rs.

As of this summer, Bosnia and Herzegovina liberalised its .BA domain names for foreign registrants. Aliba.ba, Scu.ba and Caram.ba are already taken, but use your imagination and try Jojo.ba or Mam.ba.

Albanian .AL can cover hundreds of attractive words. Education.al is already in use, but Low-c.al is still free to promote your healthy foodstuff business.

Croatian .HR do not leave a lot of options, although some excellent examples exist.  Your.hr is already used by, wait for it, a human resources agency.

Finally, PepsiCo has already recognised the benefits of Slovenian .SI domains and owns Pep.si domain name. On the other hand, Sulawe.si is still available.

Did we nudge your business plans? This is just one aspect. Do not forget that domain names should always be part of the package with a trademark registration for all relevant markets.



The information in this document does not constitute legal advice on any particular matter and is provided for general informational purposes only.