Karanović & Partners participates in Energy Talks

How to go from coal to clean?

Karanović & Partners took part in Energy Talks – live webinars aimed at professionals from all over the world who come together to discuss various energy-related topics. A panel titled “Western Balkans: from coal to clean?”, was held on 1st of June 2021, and our Partner, Petar Mitrović, moderated the panel.

“We are witnessing a global energy transition that will change the way we live and do business in the years and decades to come. Synergy among policy makers, investors and financiers will be crucial to ensure that the region is on a winning side of this transition. It is important to discuss the aspects of decarbonization from different angles, and to have adequate platforms for these discussions. That is why it was a pleasure to moderate this panel”, said Petar.

The Western Balkans are a region highly dependent on coal, but with a great potential for development of renewable sources of energy. The potential lies in the region’s rivers providing hydroelectric power, its mountains and plains enabling wind power, its underdeveloped solar energy, and the inhabitants of its many cities who are keen on sustainable development.

Not only are there untapped opportunities in the region, but there is also increasing interest from foreign investors and financiers in renewable energy. Among investors developing renewable energy projects in the region are WV International, NBT, CWP, Masdar-Taaleri Generation, ElicioWind, Akuo Energy, Voltalia, Enlight, and many others.


* Partner refers to Independent Attorney at Law in cooperation with Karanovic & Partners

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