Safety always comes first

Karanovic & Partners’ Approach to COVID-19 Outbreak

In line with the latest developments regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, Karanovic & Partners followed the advice given by the authorities to its maximum extent.

With that being said, our team has been instructed to work remotely from home, and our daily operations continue uninterrupted. This measure has been applied in all our cooperating offices. In the run-up to this decision, technical services made all the necessary preparations for our team to work without any obstacles from their homes in the upcoming period, the length of which depends on the development of the situation. Our meetings and client work go on as usual, but the team meetings are now done through virtual means.

For the safety and well-being of both our team and clients, all external and internal events have been cancelled for the time being. Internal and external training is conducted via online platforms.

As a precaution, all offices have been closed, but measures are in place to ensure the proper delivery of mail and documents, uninterrupted completion of daily tasks, while minimizing the risk to the members of our team while emergency measures last. In cases where the presence of any single member of our team is required at any of the offices, we have put in place measures that increased overall hygiene, such as placing hand sanitizers, enhanced cleansing and disinfection of premises, etc.

The aforementioned measures will remain in place for as long as necessary in order to secure the safety of our team and clients and will possibly be updated or revised as the situation changes.