Tinkering to stir growth and combat stasis

Karanovic & Partners at The Lawyer Business Leadership Summit

The Business Leadership Summit organized by “The Lawyer” magazine and proudly supported by Karanovic & Partners is taking place in London on 25 September. This year’s summit titled “Back to basics: in a world of ever-growing complexities” is attended by more than 150 senior legal professionals from top-tier law firms.

Our Managing Partner Rastko Petaković delivered a presentation titled Tinkering to stir growth and combat stasis. Petaković tried to find an answer to a variety of questions of great importance for the legal profession, arguing that the continuing market growth requires thinking outside the box to stay on track.

“Big firms are growing, small firms become more profitable, but the majority is stuck in the middle. Leaders in law firms unequivocally say they feel the temperature is rising. The industry is waiting, or rather debating the “big bang” moment that will transform the entire profession and make it more sustainable in the future. However, I believe that the key to success is rather in small iterations than in big innovations”, said Petaković.

The Lawyer is a monthly British magazine for commercial lawyers and in-house counsel, first published in 1987. Each year the magazine publishes a list of the UK’s top 200 law firms, and Europe’s top 100 law firms. Karanovic & Partners is a proud winner of three The Lawyer Law Firm of the Year awards for the Eastern Europe and the Balkans.


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