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Karanović & Partners at the Technological Revolution and Banking Law Conference

The regular annual legal conference organized by the Association of Serbian Banks took place on 15 and 16 March in Zlatibor, Serbia under the title the “Technological Revolution and Banking Law Conference”.

The conference tackled multiple current topics, from digital assets, electronic registries, and the impact of new technologies on the financial industry to renewable energy project financings and termination of foreign currency loan agreements. Our Partner Maja Jovančević Šetka spoke on the panel addressing the developments in the renewable energy sectors. She touched upon the renewables regulation in Serbia, the expectations of the economy, and in particular the experience with the first financial power purchase agreements (financial PPAs) and related financings in the market.

The event was opened with keynote addresses from Predrag Ćatić from the Association of Serbian Banks.

Speakers were experts from various sectors, including representatives of the National Bank of Serbia, the Serbian Business Registers Agency, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, UNHCR Serbia, and the Faculty of Law at the University of Belgrade. They discussed the potential benefits and risks associated with new technologies, as well as the legal implications of their use in this sector, emphasizing the importance of the legal framework that can support innovation and promote financial inclusion.

As the financial industry continues to evolve, this well-established venue for the exchange of views and experiences by different stakeholders plays an important role in fostering dialogue and shaping policy, as a call to action for banks, policymakers, and regulators to collaborate. With advances in technology driving major changes in banking, it is essential that stakeholders work together to ensure that the industry remains secure and innovative.


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