Karanović & Partners Update

Karanovic & Partners Donated First Silos Murals to This Part of Europe

We are proud to say we donated two murals to Belgrade!

And to Europe as well since they will be the first painted silos murals in this part of the world. Both murals are 15 meters tall and 10 meters wide (150m2 total). Painted on the large concrete silos at “Silosi Beograd” a place known in the past for its brutal architecture, which we wanted to help become an up-and-coming place of art and artists. We hope it will thrive in the years and decades to come.

“I know so many people have started doing a lot more soul searching these past two years. We all are hungry for meaning and sometimes incapable of expressing ourselves. Organizations are struggling with this too. Sometimes we find the expression and sometimes we don’t. And interestingly, sometimes an expression finds us. In this case, it was through the talent and creativity of two incredible artists – Jana Danilović and TKV (Aleksandra Petković). For us, being able to say we played a part in these beautiful murals gives us pride beyond words.” said Rastko Petaković, Senior Partner at Karanovic & Partners.

As a part of our long-term strategy of supporting the local art community, we got in touch with “Silosi Beograd” and recognised the great potential this place has for supporting young artists, no matter what their field of art is. Naturally, in cooperation with “Silosi Beograd” the idea of the k/reators project developed, and it wouldn’t be able without the great support of the GAIA movement that is the mind, body, and soul behind “Silosi Beograd”.

The choice of the mural artists was probably the easiest part, as Saška TKV is listed as one of the 50 best women in street art and received the French Order of the Knight of Arts and Literature, while Jana Danilović is a co-founder of Rekonstrukcija Street Art Festival and had over fifty collective exhibitions worldwide. Both created mesmerizing murals that tell a story of art, our ancestors, and hope for a better future.

We invite you all to go to the river to visit “Silosi Beograd” and enjoy the view of the new murals of Belgrade.

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