Intellectual Property Workshop

Karanović & Partners on Intellectual Property at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade

On 1 and 2 March, our Senior Associate Nikola Kliska held a lecture and a workshop on intellectual property, hosted by the Faculty of Applied Arts at the University of Arts in Belgrade. The aim of the lecture was to introduce art students to the general concepts of intellectual property, with a special emphasis on copyright, industrial design, and branding.

After providing the audience with the theoretical framework, Nikola shared a few practical examples and tips, helping students clarify the somewhat abstract concept of intellectual property, and seeing how it applies to real-world situations related to it. The workshop turned out to be engaging for everyone, resulting in a lively discussion on the subject matter.

While knowing how to use a brush certainly is an important skill for an artist, it is not sufficient for making a living from artistic production, be it applied or fine art. Educating on intellectual property those who need it the most – future artists, cultural, and creative workers – is essential for their future careers.

It is supposed to help them understand the value of their ideas, and the legal requirements to protect them, as well as to sell their work effectively. We are happy to be assisting them along this way.


Senior Associate refers to Independent Attorney at Law in cooperation with Karanović & Partners.

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