Case Study: University of Belgrade Faculty of Law

Mastering Non-Performing Receivables: Insights from Karanović & Partners Workshop

On 24 April, Karanović & Partners continued the series of workshops in collaboration with the Faculty of Law at the University of Belgrade, as part of the Case Study curriculum for undergraduate and master’s students. The second interactive lecture was titled “Collection of Non-Performing Receivables”.

Our Associates Milica Volarev and Dimitrije Ilić led the workshop, providing insights into the multifaceted landscape of non-performing receivables. Beginning with a comprehensive overview of the terminology surrounding non-performing receivables and loans, Milica and Dimitrije navigated the students through the complexities of their classification and management across different scenarios.

Throughout the session, attendees gained a deeper understanding of key legal issues related to non-performing receivables. The discussion encompassed regulatory obligations outlined by the National Bank of Serbia, foreign exchange regulations, and the crucial aspect of data protection, including banking secrecy and personal data protection.

By shedding light on these fundamental aspects, the workshop became a valuable learning experience for students, equipping them with the knowledge necessary to effectively understand non-performing receivables, as a critical aspect of modern financial management.

Karanović & Partners remains committed to knowledge exchange with young scholars, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with the Faculty of Law at the University of Belgrade in future workshops.


Associate refers to Independent Attorney at law in cooperation with Karanović & Partners.

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