Intellectual Property Workshop

MEDIA Learning Lab #6: IP Protection of Creative Work

On 3 June, an interactive workshop titled “MEDIA Learning Lab #6: Protection of Creative Work” was hosted by the Faculty of Applied Arts at the University of Arts in Belgrade. This event was partly realized within the framework of the Erasmus+ project MAGNET – Managerial and Governance Enhancement through Teaching, in which the University of Arts in Belgrade participates.

The workshop brought together local experts from various industries relevant to the field of intellectual property. These experts shared their insights and experiences, providing knowledge to attendees about the protection of creative works. Among the speakers was our Senior Associate Nikola Kliska, who delivered a lecture on interesting copyright and business secrets dispute cases in the field of creative industries.

Aleksandar Popović, an attorney at law, presented a session on “Film Work from the Perspective of the Law on Copyright and Related Rights”. Tatjana Bukvić from Tin Drum Music and Emina Peruničić from MASCOM also contributed significantly with their lecture titled “Use of Copyright and Related Rights in Audiovisual Works – Music, and Works of Literature”, while Tatjana Bukvić further explored the topic of “Copyright in the Era of Artificial Intelligence and Review of EU Legislation.”

Effective copyright implementation ensures that the creative contributions of artists and cultural workers are recognized and safeguarded from unauthorized use. Proper management of copyrights can significantly enhance the income generated from creative industries, which is vital for the economic development of this sector in Serbia.

However, many artists and cultural workers are not sufficiently familiar with their rights and obligations regarding copyright. Therefore, the MEDIA Learning Lab series aims to provide education on these important topics, empowering artists and cultural workers with the knowledge they need to protect their creative outputs effectively.

The event hosted numerous attendees who were eager to learn more and engage in discussions relevant to their fields. The workshop served as a platform for raising important questions and promoting a better understanding of intellectual property rights among the creative community in Serbia.


Senior Associate refers to Independent Attorney at Law in cooperation with Karanović & Partners.

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