North Macedonia Update

North Macedonia – Design, Construction, and Management of Photovoltaics in Technological Industrial Development Zones

The Directorate for Technological Industrial Development Zones of North Macedonia adopted a decision to initiate a procedure for awarding a public-private partnership contract (“PPP Contract”) for the design, construction, financing, management, and transfer of photovoltaic power plants in several technological industrial development zones (“TIDZ”) in North Macedonia.*

60.60 hectares of land in total, separated into blocks around the TIDZ, will be given to the selected private partner for the above purposes. The objectives of this project are, among others, to increase the production of electricity from renewable energy sources, improve the security of electricity supply in the TIDZ and increase the competitiveness for investment in the TIDZ.

The private partner will also be able to conclude contracts with investors who are users of a TIDZ for installing photovoltaics on the roofs of factories. The commercial conditions of such a contract would be subject to an agreement between the private partner and the investor-user in the TIDZ.

The PPP Contract will be awarded for a period of 25 years. The most favorable bidder will need to establish a special-purpose vehicle which will conclude the PPP Contract.

The public procurement procedure will be conducted as an open procedure by publishing a public call. The PPP Contract will be awarded to the bidder who will meet the conditions prescribed in the tender documentation and the public call.

The procedure for awarding the PPP Contract should be finalized within 180 days as of the day of publishing the public call.


* The public-private partnership will be awarded for the following TIDZ: (i) Skopje 1; (ii) Skopje 2; (iii) Shtip; (iv) Strumica; (v) Gevgelija; (vi) Prilep; and (vii) Struga.


The information in this document does not constitute legal advice on any particular matter and is provided for general informational purposes only.