North Macedonia Implements New Law on Property Confiscation

The Republic of North Macedonia has enacted a new Law on Property Confiscation in Civil Cases, effective from September 2024, signaling a pivotal step in combating corruption and illegal property acquisition.

This comprehensive law involves gathering information on property sources, identifying unlawfully acquired assets, managing confiscated property, and fostering international collaboration on property confiscation.

When the Public Prosecutor suspects illegal property acquisition but lacks criminal evidence, they must promptly report to the Financial Police. The Financial Police then conduct thorough investigations, identifying and analysing involved properties, determining ownership, assessing value and income sources, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements. The findings can lead to potential lawsuit proceedings by the State Attorney, ensuring that defendants retain their civil rights throughout a nine-month timeframe for court decisions.

Notably, confiscated property may be utilised for public benefit based on government decisions.



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