Driving Sustainable Energy Transitions

Petar Mitrović at Belgrade Energy Forum 2024

On 13 and 14 May, the latest edition of the Belgrade Energy Forum (organised by a leading regional energy news outlet Balkan Green Energy News) provided a dynamic platform for stakeholders across the energy spectrum, from decision-makers to technology providers, to converge and address the issues shaping the industry.


One of the event highlights was the panel discussion titled “Are we on track for massive renewable energy deployment?” Moderated by our Partner, Petar Mitrović, the panel brought together industry experts to explore the current landscape of the renewable energy market and the challenges ahead.


Miloš Mladenović, CEO at SEEPEX, opened the discussion by offering insights into the implications of the EU market design reform on the Western Balkans region, shedding light on collaborative efforts to strengthen renewable energy initiatives in the region. He emphasised the significance of corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and the imperative of EU market integration in fostering renewable energy projects.


Maja Pokrovac, Director of Renewable Energy Sources in Croatia, provided valuable insights into Croatia’s experience with challenges in development of renewables and how the regulator and market have addressed them, offering a practical perspective on understanding renewable energy markets.


Christoph Beeck, Member of the Management Board, CRO/CFO at ProCredit Bank AG, shared the banking sector’s role in driving renewable energy financing, highlighting ProCredit’s substantial investments in Renewable Energy Sources (RES) across Eastern and Southeast Europe. He outlined critical challenges faced in securing financial backing for renewable projects and proposed strategies for overcoming them.


Svetlana Cerović, Head of Specialised Lending at UniCredit Bank Serbia, delved into shifts in the renewables financing landscape, offering insights into emerging trends and their implications for project financing.


Neda Lazendić, a senior energy expert and a Country Manager of WV-International, discussed the hot topic of connection in Serbia and offered industry insight into the latest developments. She further underscored the importance of the active involvement of the state in the sector not only through creating stable and predictable framework for renewables and adequate support schemes, but also through direct participation in renewables projects and strategic partnerships in overcoming developmental hurdles in the region.


Aleksandar Stefanović, General Manager of Green Balancing Group, offered his views about the available offtake strategies which become one of the biggest challenges in the new reality, but also addressed the absence of corporate PPAs in Serbia and the pressing challenges hindering their adoption, signalling areas for collaborative action and policy intervention.


The panel not only provided a comprehensive overview of the current state of renewable energy deployment but also underscored the critical role of collaborative efforts and innovative financing mechanisms in driving sustainable energy transitions. As the global community navigates towards a greener future, platforms like the Belgrade Energy Forum serve as catalysts for dialogue and action, propelling us towards a more sustainable energy landscape.


We extend our congratulations to Balkan Green Energy news for organising such a successful event for the second year in a row and are looking forward to participating at already announced third edition in 2025.



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