Success from Here – Stories of People from the IT Sector

Rastko Petakovic at the Documentary about Serbian Startup Scene

Rastko Petaković, Senior Partner at Karanović & Partners, took part in the documentary “Success from here – stories of people from the IT sector”. The movie produced by Talas in cooperation with Startit deals with the rise of the IT sector in Serbia and was premiered on 29 August on N1 television.

Rastko Petakovic spoke about forces that act as enablers and those that act as disablers of an ecosystem.

“The legal framework in Serbia is stable and that encourages the growth of the ecosystem, but there are many obstacles that remain. If I had to name one, that would be the current Foreign exchange law. It slows down growth and discourages local companies from achieving global success, especially those in fintech”

The IT sector in Serbia is one of the most prospective branches of the economy. This film tells the stories of individuals who, thanks to their determination, innovative ideas and an entrepreneurial mindset, managed to prove that success and growth are possible despite limiting circumstances. The audience had the opportunity to get to know numerous individuals who are pushing boundaries in their fields.

“These stories about success, survival, ups and downs, about the thorny path that the domestic IT sector has gone through to become what it is today, deserve to be told. I would like to thank Talas and Startit for spreading these stories and encouraging young generations to become new examples of success”,

said Petaković.

The documentary is publicly available on Talas YouTube channel.


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