Business Breakfast in Skopje

Rules of the Road: Navigating Business Compliance in North Macedonia

On 26 December, Karanovic & Partners in cooperation with local lawyers hosted their first business breakfast in Skopje. Our colleague, Ljupka Noveska Andonova, an independent Attorney at Law in cooperation with Karanovic & Partners, opened the event by welcoming the attendees and providing an overview of the upcoming discussions covering the most recent and prominent topics in the law sector in North Macedonia.

Attorney at Law in cooperation with Karanovic & Partners Božidar Milošević together with our colleagues Ana Kashirska and Bojana Paneva led the discussions for the three key subjects, tackling the ever-evolving landscape of legal compliance.

The discussion delved into the centre of the matter: how to battle the ever-shifting compliance landscape, characterized by unpredictable legal changes and increasing complexities. Our experts emphasized the need for proactiveness, stressing the importance of continuously reassessing the processes to stay ahead of the curve and overcome all challenges with the local institutions.

Subsequently, the event triggered a fruitful discussion on the current challenges of the business community with the local institutions and various experiences were exchanged.

Moving forward, the session explored anticipated legal trends in 2024 and beyond, highlighting areas like employment law, competition, and data protection. Attendees gleaned invaluable insights into potential regulatory shifts and emerging legal nuances, allowing them to prepare their businesses for future challenges and opportunities.

The conversation further focused on the balance between risk mitigation and business needs. Our legal experts shared strategies for effectively managing legal risks, the various mechanisms of dispute resolution without holding back business growth.


The information in this document does not constitute legal advice on any particular matter and is provided for general informational purposes only.