Ljubljana Conference 2023

Slovenian Anti-Doping Conference

On 20 March the Slovenian Anti-Doping Organisation organized the 13th Anti-Doping Conference, which was attended by 44 representatives of 26 national sports federations. The conference was mainly dedicated to anti-doping education, the programme also included legal and tax topics which are important for athletes in high-profile sports.

Our colleagues from Ketler & Partners, member of Karanovic, Senior Associate Kevin Rihtar and Tax Law Expert Maruša Pozvek attended the Conference.

Kevin was guiding attendees through the novelties brought by the new Personal Data Protection Act, while Maruša presented the taxation of successful athletes in high-profile sports.

Kevin and Maruša have successfully demonstrated that legal content can also be enjoyable and interesting for representatives of sports organizations, and Slovenian Anti-Doping Organisation announced further cooperation in the legal field with our colleagues for clean sport in the future.


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