Karanović & Partners Launches a New Publication

The fifth edition in the Focus On Energy series

On behalf of Karanovic & Partners’ Energy and Natural Resources Industry Group, it is our pleasure to present the fifth edition of the publication. In this edition, we have tried not only to summarize the developments in the relevant energy sectors in the last two years, but also to discuss and analyse the trends and challenges in the future. We discussed the harmonization process across the Western Balkans Six (WB6) as part of their EU accession and the vital role of the Energy Community. We also consider the position of the Balkan countries as the crossroads between the West and the East, the Chinese investments under the Belt and Road Initiative, as well as Russia’s role in the gas sectors in the region.


We are once more privileged to discuss and hear on the latest developments in the energy sectors from our distinguished guest contributors. Our special thanks go to Janez Kopač, Director, and Dirk Buschle, Deputy Director of the Energy Community Secretariat, bringing the latest from the Energy Community and their efforts to push the region towards more secure future. EMS’s Iva Đinđić discusses one of the critical issues of the cross-border trade – congestion management. Our dear friends and colleagues from the Energy Law Group member firms – Alex McLean of Arthur Cox, Ireland, and Catarina Brito Ferreira and Joana Alves Abreu of Morais Leitão, Portugal, shared views on the developments in their respective jurisdictions. Hrvoje Dorotić, from the University of Zagreb, discusses the integration of renewables in the power sector, while Ana Stanič of E&A Law Limited analyses disputes resulting from unsuccessful attempts of the “integration” of investments abroad. And, since without the efficient use of energy all investments in the world cannot ensure stability, we are happy to have Ana Bachurova bringing an update on the EBRD’s energy efficiency policy perspective in the WB6.


We hope that you will find this edition interesting and that you will have no regrets for trusting us with your most valuable resource – your time. The preview of the fifth edition Focus on Energy publication is available here.



If you have any questions concerning this publication, please write to bd@karanovicpartners.com.