Renewable Energy at Turning Point

The Panel Discussion on the (Un)used Potential of Renewable Energy in Serbia

Our Partner in the Energy and Natural Resources Industry Group Petar Mitrović presided over “The (Un)used Potential of Renewable Energy in Serbia”, the panel discussion on green transition, held on 20 October 2022. The event took place in Media Center in Belgrade, Serbia, and was organized by Beta news agency, in cooperation with the European Climate Foundation.

The panel gathered energy sector experts from the government, academia, and industry. The speakers were Zoran Ilić, Maja Matija Ristić, and Natalija Luković, the representatives of the Ministry of Mining and Energy, Neda Lazendić, Country Manager WV International Serbia, Ph.D. Ilija Batas-Bijelić, the SASA Institute of Technical Sciences, Ph.D. Branko Glavonjić, professor at the Faculty of Forestry, and Milena Milosavljević, Energy Consultant at the Solar Power Calculator online platform.

They discussed the shift from fossil-based systems of energy production to renewable energy sources in time of the global energy crisis. The speakers touched on the topics of the existing renewable energy sources in Serbia, the new legislation, the flexibility of the energy system to implement these variable sources, as well as the current and future energy production from renewable energy sources.

In a lively discussion, they pointed out the ongoing challenges the energy sector faces, agreeing that we should be moving towards the planning of energy consumption instead of energy production, in order to fit into the Green Agenda Strategy and the energy transition. The Solar Power Calculator, a newly launched project supported by Byteout Software and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), was presented to the audience, serving as a good case in point of such a process.

The panelists acknowledged that we should use the existing difficulties as a historical momentum and an incentive to stimulate renewable energy production and optimize the power system. Therefore, the increase in citizen participation is of the utmost importance for the future of the energy sector, and public discussions could play a significant role in spreading awareness of renewable energy. Turning the citizens into prosumers should eventually make the energy system more efficient.

The full video of the panel discussion is available here.

Source: Media Center YouTube Channel

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