Karanovic & Partners at the 4th SGA Meetup

What are Investors Looking for?

On Monday, 10 September 2018, Goran Radošević and Ivan Nonković, partners ⃰ at Karanovic & Partners, held a presentation at the 4th Meetup of the Serbian Games Association (SGA). In front of both budding and established members of the rapidly developing national video games sector, at the headquarters of the successful Serbian mobile game developer Nordeus, speakers delivered informative speeches to developers on various pertinent issues within the scope of the video game industry.

In their presentation entitled “What are investors looking for”, Mr Radošević and Mr Nonković discussed key issues in the ever-challenging field of intellectual property law, including the topic of software ownership, and emphasised the importance of compliance and engagement with employment and data protection laws. Special attention, moreover, was given to issues of legal structuring, for example the pros and cons of running one’s business incorporated or unincorporated, in which form and where.

The Serbian Games Association is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, with the goal of supporting the growth of the video games sector in Serbia and enhancing its ability to compete globally. Established in March 2018, it seeks to enable the Serbian video game industry to thrive worldwide through protecting and properly informing Serbian talent of their chosen profession.


⃰ Independent attorneys at law in cooperation with Karanović & Nikolić.